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Get North Augusta a Cook Out

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For far too long, the residents of North Augusta have had to travel into Georgia if they wanted to enjoy the wonders of a Cook Out restaurant. If you were to go to a Cook Out in Augusta on any given night, you are almost guaranteed to see someone there from North Augusta. Where else could they find a competitive price for a chicken quesadilla or a honey mustard wrap? I'll tell you what, it's not at the new Dairy Queen Grill & Chill. So, after years of waiting patiently, it is time for the residents of this fine city to take matters into their own hands. We are calling on the North Augusta City Council to form a special search committee, in order to find someone who can take the necessary steps to own this restaurant. Why should the NACC take such an action? Here are the campaign's supporting points:

  1. North Augusta is struggling to retain its postgrad workforce. As Cook Out is notably popular among young people, having one in the city would offer an incentive to stay and work here. 
  2. Jobs: We are always looking to add more jobs to the economy. And another fast food restaurant does just that. 
  3. Keeping Money in North Augusta: By providing a popular restaurant we keep people spending their money here. Right now, a lot of North Augusta money is being spent in Augusta, at their Cook Out. Let's change that!
  4. Affordability: Cook Out offers a tray meal which, depending on what you order, costs between $5.30-6.00. Nowhere else can you get that much delicious food for such a low price. 

Without a doubt, a Cook Out here would be very successful. It is only a matter of finding someone who could own it. If you support the objectives mentioned above, please sign and share. Together, we can all enjoy a Cook Out tray in our beloved North Augusta. 

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