Save Old Ocean View (OV)!

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Herein is a PETITION to stop the City of Norfolk, from demolishing the building and closing the restaurant of Greenies at 196 West Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23503. The restaurant is an establishment which has historical, cultural and community values that will be irreparably lost by the City's unfortunate negligence and rush to demolish said property without adequate public discourse, hearing, notice, debate, nor consideration of its impact to the Willoughby Beach and Ocean View beach communities of Norfolk. This will adversely impact the families and employees of said establishment with deep community and military ties. This will remove a historical and cultural restaurant and bar that has served many Ocean View and Willoughby residents, military families and their loved ones since 1930.

Our hometown bar has survived 1930s prohibition and is almost a 100 years old. The City of Norfolk announced March 9 their plans to purchase The Greenies establishment to create more beach access. Ocean View has lost too many landmarks that has stripped away it's history. 

Ocean View and Willoughby Spit are unique and non-gentrified communities that are not culturally part of the rest of Norfolk. Greenies represents the OV and Willoughby neighborhoods community spirit. 

Greenies provides reasonably priced food and drinks directly on the waterfront, and is home to the servicemen and women of Naval Station Norfolk. 

The City Council should stop trying to force downtown Norfolk community standards onto OV and Willoughby neighborhoods, and stop trying to remove competitors that would compete with the newly renovated Waterside Development. Competition is good, and so is diversity. 

Please sign this petition to tell Mayor Kenny Alexander and the City Council of Norfolk not to demolish the one remaining cultural symbols of OV, Greenies Restaurant & Beach Grill. The City can preserve the culture and find management to run the restaurant. The City needs to have a discussion with Norfolk residents before making plans and destroying an OV treasure.