Mural Ordinance Reform in New Orleans

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The process by which the City of New Orleans permits public art is unconstitutional.

Multiple pages of applications, 8 layers of review, a $500 minimum fee and a 3-6 month wait before maybe being given a permit to create art on your own property is insane. The ordinances are inconsistently enforced and as a result art that is political or progressive is most likely to be cited for violations.

We the undersigned call on the City of New Orleans to create an artist friendly mural ordinance and to implement a simple, inexpensive process for issuing permits.

For any non-commercial mural where the artist is the owner of the property or the owner has given permission to the artist….

· Simple one-page mural permit application that does not require the applicant to submit a sketch of the proposed art. (The City shouldn't be substituting its aesthetic judgment for the artist's.)

· No denial of permit based on a determination that there's already enough art in the neighborhood or that art doesn't belong there.

· The City of New Orleans sign ordinance shall not be used as an additional review or restriction on murals.

· 24 hour turn around for issuance or denial of permit.

· Art under 100 s/f shall not be considered a mural and shall not require a permit.

· Murals shall be relegated to the side and rear elevations if on a rated building in a full-control local Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC) District.

· $50 maximum application fee. (Currently it is a minimum of $500)

Respectfully submitted to the Hon. Mitch Landrieu, Mayor Elect Latoya Cantrell, and Members of the New Orleans City Council