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I have always believed that at Nokia you listen to our feedback and for at least last 10 years you did not dissappoint me, therefore I am asking you this one time to listen again. I have been using Lumia 920 since it came out and the moment you have added a Glance Screen to it I loved that feature. I also have waited for a proper sequel to my phone and there it finally is and guess what, it is in 99,9% what I imagined it to be. Lack of Glance Screen support however is a DEAL BREAKER to me and to people who will sign this petition. GS is the most intuitive way of checking the time and notifications on the go and with background support it makes my Lumia a unique phone. Since me and some other people have waited for this phone for so long we are ready to wait even a little bit longer and also since it will already be high-end device pay that bit more to get this feature (even if it requires some of the technology within device to be changed), so please hear us! I will buy 930 with a Glance Screen or I will just keep my 920 if it does not get the feature or at least your reassurance it will come back there! Obviously if money are the problem then I believe that loosing a litlle bit of profit to make customers happy is still better than loosing it all when people will not be buying the phone and what I am trying to say is that these days even such a little thing can have a huge impact on sales, so think about it.

I am looking forward to your response and thank you for being such a great company to this date!

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