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No Kaep Ends Today

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Dec 6, 2020 — 

Hey everyone.

I bet you forgot about this petition.

Well, I’ll get to the point. 

As of today (Dec 6, 2020), I’ve decided to end this petition.

If you weren’t even thinking about this petition, no worries. 

We’re now formally ending it.

America has too many issues at hand and unfortunately, it seems they are passed worrying about Kaepernick's status.

It's sad it's come to this point but it is what it is.

We started this petition more than 3 years ago (July 27, 2017) with high hopes that -- with your support boycotting NFL games and not buying merchandise -- the NFL Owners would feel monetary backlash for banning Colin Kaepernick simply for protesting against police brutality.

And although you did your part, unfortunately, some forces simply didn’t want Kaepernick back.

And those forces used many of Kaepernick’s peers to realize that truly supporting him may jeopardize their financial situation as well...basically exploiting them.

Also, there were many folks who looked like Kaepernick (Black folks) who never really supported his protest and felt he had an “ulterior” motive.

These folks, knowing or unknowingly, contributed to Kaepernick not being invited back as well.

And maybe we didn’t do a better job promoting this petition over the years.

(Or maybe people’s minds were already made up regardless)

So what’s next?

Kap still may play in the NFL. Or maybe not.

Unfortunately, the NFL’s system is presently constructed as a system created by people who never cared about why Kap took a knee.

Which is Police brutality.

And for general equality.

And against systemic oppression.

These are things folks who operate under the NFL’s system don’t want fixed. 


Because they will financially get affected. People will do anything to keep their money.

And that’s where we stand today.

(If you haven’t noticed, the NFL’s system sounds a lot like America itself)

So hopefully, Kap plays again. 

Or maybe he can partner up with others and start their own league -- a true sense of “we don’t need you White Owners paying us -- we got our own...” stand.

That will make a huge statement (and Kap + others like him will still get paid).

But that’s only a dream at this point.

So what can you do:

As we head into 2021, if you see your family and friends supporting hate, please correct them. The thing about humans is that we operate more from emotion than logic. 

Trust is a big thing when determining who to listen to.

Therefore, it’s up to you to correct people’s stance on inequality. They will listen to you more than some random internet person or platform (like us). 

Your family and friends trust you more, so they will listen to what you have to say.

So please steer them right. 

Make this your responsibility -- no matter the backlash or consequence you may receive. When they hear it from you, they will likely think twice about their deep-rooted beliefs.

Why is this effective?

Because it’s all about changing a person’s mind. Once you change their mind, you automatically change their actions.

And when you change their actions, they may support the next Colin who risks it all to address real change.

And hopefully, that person won’t be banned next time.

(Or they can join a different league and not worry about getting “full” money like their oppressive counterparts)

But that all depends on you telling your family and friends not to support hate.

That’s it.

Thanks for these past 3 years of #NoKaepernickNoNFL

And if you still don’t want to watch any games, please don’t watch. I won’t.

- Founder of Unstripped Voice

P.S. - Why did I post Dr. King’s video above? Because he speaks of issues that still go on today. 

This video took place in Summer 1967, the year there were 159 race riots -- even after Integration and Voting Rights Bills took place. 

He mentioned America’s “values” and their “greatest resistance,” which still hold true today.

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