Save the sea turtles

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Saving The Sea Turtles
There are around five species of sea turtles that are endangered today. green, hawksbill, loggerhead, leatherback and olive ridley sea turtles are all endangered due to human activity. 5/7 sea turtle species are endangered. There were millions of sea turtles in our oceans, we are down to less than 1 million sea turtles. Sea turtles are harmless animals to humans, although some species are carnivores and omnivores, most species are herbivores. Just like any other animal, sea turtles have a role in the food chain.
A sea turtle is both a predator and prey. If we took sea turtles out of the food chain, its predators would suffer. The sea turtles prey would possibly become overpopulated. If the sea turtles predators became endangered due to no more sea turtles that would lead to more endangerment of other animals. If our killer whales become endangered due to no sea turtles they would affect other animals because killer whales range from food chain to food chain. If sea turtles were to become extinct it would affect more than one animal. Not only would sea turtle extinction affect animals, it would also affect plant life. A main food source for herbivores and omnivores is seagrass and seaweed. If turtles go extinct, so would seagrasses. That would be affecting many little species of animals, like seahorses, and small fish.
Why are sea turtles endangered? Sea turtles are endangered because of us. We are the main source if sea turtle endangerment. From using plastic bags to oil spills we humans are responsible for the majority of sea turtle deaths. Some people around the world actually hunt sea turtles. They find a females nest and wait till the female turtle has laid her eggs, they then kill the turtle and take both her and her eggs. It is a cruel process that people do for money. Without sea turtles we wouldn’t have other sea animals.
Sea turtle hunting is not easy, nor harmless. The sea turtle mother is put under pressure by being watched until her eggs have been laid. As soon as she has laid her eggs she is slaughtered to death. She is taken for her skin, shell, and meat. While her eggs are taken to be eaten or traded for money. The turtles shell can be used to make jewelry. They break and tear apart the hard shell and heat and mold it into shapes to create jewelry. This is illegal. Poaching is not legal. If you get caught poaching the minimum penalty is a $100,000 fine, with at least one year in prison. Poaching is a serious issue.
Killing sea turtles is not okay. It has to be stopped, the only way for this to end is if we take matters into our hands and be aware. Be aware by what type of bags we use, whether we recycle or not. It all matters. If one person doesn’t care it could lead to nobody caring about keeping the oceans clean by recycling and not dumping. There are so many reasons sea turtles are dying and it is because of us not being responsible for our actions. They add up, one incident after another can lead to sea turtle extinction. By signing my petition you can help draw attention to this serious world problem.

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