No to the forced academisation of Moulsecoomb Primary School

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We, the undersigned, call upon the Secretary of State for Education and Regional Schools Commissioner to revoke the academy order which will see our local school privatised and handed over to a multi-academy trust.

We do not accept or want to see Moulsecoomb Primary School handed over from the local authority to a multi-academy trust and do not believe that academisation and the removal of local democratic accountability will improve outcomes for pupils.

We have serious concerns about Moulsecoomb being forced to join a multi-academy trust because:

1.     After more than 10 years of the academy school project, there is no evidence that academies raise standards

2.     Evidence shows that schools that remain under council control improve faster than schools which convert to academy status

3.     Academy schools are free to employ unqualified teachers

4.     Moulsecoomb is an inclusive school with students from a variety of backgrounds and we are concerned that an academy will “off roll” low achieving pupils to make results look better, as they are known to do

5.     Multi-academy trusts are less accountable to parents and the local community

6.     Academy schools do not receive any extra money

7.     Multi-academy trusts have been criticised for excessive salaries and expenses for CEOs, which diverts money away from the classroom

8.     Becoming an academy is a permanent decision that cannot be reversed

Ofsted monitoring inspections and SATs results since the school was unfairly rated "inadequate" show the school is on a trajectory of improvement, with improvements across the school.

The monitoring inspection in February 2020 also noted that "the headteacher has had to devote his energies to dealing with matters related to the academy order and the restructuring of staffing. This has, on occasions, diverted him away from the core business of improving the quality of education."

Moulsecoomb Primary School can improve educational outcomes and its Ofsted rating without being forced to join an unaccountable multi-academy trust and should be given the time and support to do so.