No to Kentwood Kum and Go September 6th Final vote (( see updated post below ))

No to Kentwood Kum and Go September 6th Final vote (( see updated post below ))

July 7, 2022
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Started by Thomas Thomson



Several problems exist with the proposed site for kum n go huge gas station/convince store/resturant style food service and seating business in this location. 

I was once told you shouldn't put 10lbs of potatoes in a five pound bag, you're just asking for trouble. (It was a Kentwood city commissioner).

Allowing this business to build at this location in the middle of dense residential area is a mistake (other than tax revenue) on many levels. If you do not live within 500 feet of the property you were not notified. This project effects more than just the immediate neighbors and should have went out to everyone within a mile.

100 cars/trucks per hour is the average per their representative  not to mention they will be open 7 days a week which means more  than 100 per hour during high volume times from the early morning to the late night. The small commercial corner currently gets 30-75 cars/trucks per day and is only open 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. The residential lots/homes that are proposed too be demolished should remain residential zoning.

The city personnel and the community took time and spent money on a master plan for this area and this business does not fit (MAJOR CHANGE to the plan).

The intersection bottle necks immediately on 52nd street as soon as you cross Kalamazoo Avenue heading west. There are already several severe accidents per year due to high traffic especially during the school bus season. Bicycles and pedestrians have enough to contend with already. With the added traffic someone may be killed.

The light pollution will light up the area like the sun. LED lights are more efficient especially financially and can be more focused however the LED lighting used is at very high Lumens and reflects even off the pavement into the sky.

We just don't need anymore Beer and Wine sales in the area. Like it or not it does bring an element of less than desirable folks to the location (in the middle of our neighborhood).

Please sign the petition against the Kentwood city Commission allowing the business to be built. It's a no thank you not here vote. 

Call or email the city commissioners and Mayor and try to be present at the Tuesday July 12th public opinion meeting at the city and especially at the Monday August 8th final decision meeting both at 7pm currently.

Once it is allowed it can't be taken back.


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Signatures: 434Next Goal: 500
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