Objection to Perimeter Security Fence surrounding Beverley Park Golf Course

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The Beverley Park Golf Club (BPGC) has submitted a Development Application to Georges River Council to erect a 2100mm (7ft) high metal fence around the perimeter of the whole golf course.

This is of concern to residents for the following reasons:-

Removal of trees – the application details the request to remove 156 trees on the golf course boundary (Ferry Av 57 trees, Battye Av 29 trees, Ramsgate Rd 41 trees, Weeney St 7 trees, Jubilee Av 11 trees, Burgess St 11 trees).

Aesthetics of proposed fence – the proposed fence is a Spear Top Metal Fence, 2100mm (7ft) high in Charcoal colour (similar to the fence surrounding Carlton South Public School). The objective of this fence is to keep people out, not keep golf balls within the golf course.

Change to Streetscape – the visual impact caused by replacement of trees with a metal fence is detrimental to the whole Beverley Park streetscape.

Increased risk of golf balls into private homes – the high canopy trees along, particularly Ferry Av and Battye Av act as a physical barrier, reducing the number of golf balls potentially damaging private homes, cars and residents. The removal of these trees and replacement with a 2.1m fence is going to increase the likelihood of more balls causing damage, with a higher potential to hit residents and cause injury and property damage.

Public Access – the golf course itself is not owned by the BPGC, but is Crown Land. The Georges River Council leases the land to BPGC who have the care, control and management of the course itself. It is a public asset and local residents should have the right to walk into the golf course (eg: at sunset after golfers are finished) to enjoy the open space and the serenity of the course itself.

Alternative ways the BPGC could address concerns regarding security, safety and loss of revenue could be achieved by the following suggestions:- 

- Install a small 1.2m pool fence around internal waterways within the course

- Install CCTV security cameras

- Employ a Course Marshall as the club has done previously to monitor the course usage and evasion of green fees

- Have random security at night to monitor any malicious intent

The council has given a deadline of 22nd March to make any submissions if you oppose the Development Application.

If you oppose the erection of this perimeter fence, some ways to voice your objection are by doing any or all of the following:-

1 - Sign this petition, including your comments on why you object.

2 - Write a letter to Gail Connolly, General Manager, Georges River Council before 22nd March objecting to the erection of the fence, using any of the points above for the basis of your objection and include any other matters that concern you regarding the fence. You can email your letter directly to the GM at gconnolly@georgesriver.nsw.gov.au

3 - Join us in forming a RESIDENTS ACTION GROUP and appoint a spokesperson to speak on behalf of concerned residents at any future meetings between Council and or IHAP (Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel). (1st meeting time for this RESIDENTS ACTION GROUP is 10am, 17th March 2018 @ Spooner Park Gazebo (opposite Golf Club).