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No More Almonds In Trail Mix

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Almonds are gross.

Face it. If you say you like almonds you're lying. Some of us pretend they're good because they're healthy or they're common. Deep inside you know you would rather enjoy some trail mix without the almonds, and that's what I am here to do.

This will not only impact you, me, and our community but the world. If we can get rid of almonds from trail mix then everyone can be healthier. Some people are discouraged from getting the nutrition included in the peanuts and cashews because of the frequency of almonds. I am often times one of those people. Trail Mix is a great healthy snack and it would be wrong to make it so the majority of people wont eat it by including almonds.

For now I can see this being a revolution that will later compare to that of the American Colonies against the British. Removing almonds from trail mix would be huge. Now you have the chance to try to help me steer the big trail mix industries in this direction. You have the chance to make a change.

Think of the places this can go. This is just a starting point. First we remove almonds from trail mix, then maybe granola bars, then we exterminate salads with almonds, and soups with almonds. From there the only place left is to put an end to all almonds. Due to the fact that this isn't a widespread issue or topic of discussion yet I think it might be too soon to rid the world of almonds, but don't let that discourage you. The only place almonds are commercially grown in North America is California. Like I said, it's still early in this revolution, but eventually we could activate the San Andreas Fault. Doing this would be the Almond Revolution's equivalent of Signing Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence. The San Andreas fault, as you may know, runs through California and San Andreas. Activating this could potentially make the state of California break apart and sink to the ocean. If California is sinking everyone will be too focused on saving their children and families to try to save almonds.

With that being the ultimate goal help me in the first steps of exterminating almonds: removing them from trail mix.

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