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Ann Bhola
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There is a petition circulating calling for mandatory vaccination legislation for BC children to attend public schools.  This petition brazenly states that this policy will work for everyone because non-vaccinating parents can simply homeschool their children.  This statement ignores the significant financial barrier to homeschooling, as well as other reasons it might not be a good fit for many families. 

The above-mentioned petition is a fear-based response to the fact that 13 people contracted measles in Vancouver recently.  The media propounds the view that the measles is a “big killer”.  This is a myth, and one that convinces citizens that a few cases of the measles is reason to run scared to our legislators to beg them to take away our right to make decisions about our children’s health. 

The “deadliness” of measles is a huge misconception that needs to be clarified in the public debate.  Like all infectious diseases, the death rate from the measles dropped by over 98% before a vaccine for the measles was introduced, due to decades of improvement in hygiene, sanitation, electricity, transportation of food, refrigeration, labor laws, and nutrition[i].  The BC Centre for Disease Control tells us that 1 in 3,000 cases result in death, but this data is only taken from hospitalized cases, whereas over 90% of measles cases do not require a hospital visit[ii].  Public education campaigns are needed to inform parents of the importance of vitamin A in preventing encephalitis due to measles.  If a serious case is suspected, high-dose supplementation of vitamin A can be given to reduce the risk of complications to almost zero in a healthy child[iii].  Remember, prior to the 1980s, measles was common in childhood, and generally considered a mild illness[iv].  The disease has not gotten deadlier since then, it is our perception of the measles that has changed.

Informed parents are weighing the risks of getting measles against the risks of the MMR vaccine.  Physicians for Informed Consent tell us children are 4x more likely to die or suffer serious injury from the MMR vaccine than they are to die (or suffer serious injury) from the measles once they have contracted it[v].  Of course, the measles is not the only “vaccine preventable disease” that school-aged children would be required to be vaccinated for.  The mix of extremely rare diseases and harmless ones in the vaccine schedule, in many parents’ opinions, does not justify the high risk of vaccine injury[vi]. 

Vaccine injury is much more common than parents are being told[vii],[viii].  We all hear that vaccines are safe and there is only a 1-in-a-million chance of a serious adverse reaction[ix].  Informed parents have heard a different story- the parents of countless vaccine-injured children have been speaking out so that others may learn from what happened to them[x],[xi],[xii],[xiii],[xiv],[xv],[xvi],[xvii],[xviii],[xix],[xx],[xxi].  As the medical literature has revealed, some children are genetically, biologically or environmentally more susceptible to being injured or killed by vaccines.[xxii],[xxiii]  As Dr. Toni Bark explained in her testimony during a Washington state hearing on mandates[xxiv], the requirements for medical exemptions lag behind the science by thirty years.  We cannot rely on medical exemptions to protect those who are more vulnerable.

Please do not allow a misplaced fear of measles to lead us into a future where we cannot decide what goes into our bodies.  Making vaccinations mandatory means that human beings will be forcefully injected with substances that we do not truly understand.  Please sign this petition to protect our right to health freedom, and the right of all children to attend school.





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