NMC Must Review Nurse Isabel Amaro,s Case # Her Voice Matters NOW!

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Isabel Amaro needs a voice , she needs to have her case reviewed by The NMC  in light  of Dr Bawa Garba being allowed to work as a Doctor again .  Isabel and Bawa where on a shift 3 medics down and the consultant lead was offsite amongst over 50+ systemic failings . She has been to prison , lost her career and livelihood , now her mental health is compromised and she now needs the very services that argued her penalty .There is racial bias at play and there is a culture of scape goating .The NMC have failed to acknowledge the recent outcome which questions Isabel’s penalty . Isabel was convicted with Dr Bawa Garba  for  being associated with the loss of a child which was the result of several NHS systemic failures. They were  subsequently struck off by NMC and GMC meaning Isabel could not be a Nurse again and Bawa Garba could  not be a Doctor . The two where from Black Asian Minority Ethnic Background(BAME). No one else was held accountable , The NHS trust and it’s failings walked away Scott free and Isabel and Bawa the scape goats . 

We Need:

1.The NMC to review her striking off inlight of Dr Bawa Garbas outcome in recent days 

2. Isabel needs justice and a voice , she was imprisoned , lost her career , her Wellbeing and her livelihood after having an unblemished career before hand 

3. Healthcare Services Need to review their investigating , Whistleblowing and reporting processes especially where you have 3 medics down and a missing consultant lead aswell as failings in the system  

Please help us give her a voice 

#My Voice Matters Now !