Academy Bus Lines/NJ Transit Westampton Bus Line - BRING BACK OUR SCHEDULE

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Academy Bus Lines recently changed & drastically scaled back the bus trips from Willingboro/Westampton to NYC Port Authority & return trips.

Academy obviously gave little thought or consideration to the fact that MOST of their riders are working commuters who maintain a steady time schedule each day.

Neither was  thought, or even sympathy, given to the difficulty, crowding or inconvenience thus new schedule would caused many. 

To add insult to injury Academy recently increased the fare ($20 /monthly ticket) on all tickets. WHAT exactly was the reason for this increase?? All we're getting in return are less buses, cramped rides home (on a 1hr 20min commute), & virtually imprisonment in NYC until odd hours of the night.

Academy, at the very least, should reinstate the current schedule we have today in a show of compassion & consideration for those of us who've shown dedication to them over the years.

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