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Have Road Department Notify Animal Control if a pet is picked up deceased.

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When animals are picked up deceased they are just thrown away. No reports filed of the animal. When people loose their pet accidentally they have every right to be notified if the unemaginable happens. They deserve closure. Sadly a lot of people missing their pets never get this closure and still searching for their pet years later. We ( The admins of NJ Lost and Found pages ) recommend at least notify Animal Control Agencies when this happens so they can be scanned for a microchip. And possibly give time for the families to retrieve their pet for burial or cremation. The photo is a dog named Luna who was found on the side of the road by one of our members passed away. She called the police and they sent out the road department to pick her up. Her owner's posted that she was missing. We contacted her owner with the sad news. They wanted to reclaim her body but wasn't allowed to do so. If it wasn't for the Cumberland County Lost and Found Pets ( The Original ) and its members this family would of never known what happened to their family member. Anyone can have an accident where their pet gets loose. And everyone should be treated respectfully. 

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