Tell the NJ legislature - Legalize Marijuana for Adult Use Now

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Governor Phil Murphy has promised to legalize recreational cannabis in NJ, but he has been unable to act on that promise because state lawmakers have not voted on or even discussed any of the three marijuana legalization bills which have been introduced.

Cannabis is safer than either alcohol or tobacco, both in terms of acute toxicity and potential for dependence [source]. Adults in New Jersey should have the freedom to choose whether or not they wish to consume cannabis and they should have access to it within a safe, taxed, and well-regulated framework. This legalization framework would prevent minors from obtaining cannabis, ensure the safety of adult consumers, and eliminate the social justice issues with the current enforcement of marijuana laws in NJ.  Roughly 60% of New Jerseyans (and Americans in general) support marijuana legalization. More info on cannabis prohibition from the NJ ACLU.

According to several sources there is a possibility that state lawmakers could discuss/vote on these bills in June, just before their summer recess. What we need to do right now is put as much pressure as possible on NJ lawmakers to move on this issue and pass a marijuana legalization bill.

Please sign this petition if you agree that it is past time to reform our marijuana laws in NJ through full legalization of adult use marijuana.