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BOYCOTT NISSAN :: Radiator & Transmission Defects XTERRA 2005-2007

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We the People work hard to pay and ourselves, families, loved ones with a quality vehicle that is RELIABLE and SAFE and by all our signatures and frustrations you will see that it provides neither. Nissan is charging outrages prices for a so called great quality vehicles when they are really disposable and should be priced as such.
It's an insult to take an advantage of your faithful consumers of multi-generation NISSAN lovers.

I (Rasha Ramadan) am on my third Nissan. My first Nissan was an 1984 Nissan Maxima (that talked =D )which was my 1st car when I turned 16yrs old in 1998 so the car was 14 years and I drove it everywhere for about 4yrs with NO PROBLEMS but in 2002 moved to a different city on my own away from my HOME and my parents replaced with a 1996 Nissan Sentra just because they wanted me to have a more reliable vehicle. I loved my Sentra but that too had its share of driving and once I finally killed it from driving I decided to replace it with a 2006 Xterra which I purchased in 2007 with only 20k. Being a female and based on my experience with Nissan's history I felt very confident about my safety, the value of my car. But Ever since then I have had so many issues with the engine which was recalled the ECM and now the Transmission due to the radiator leaking coolant and now almost 8,000 worth of repair that NISSAN rejected fixing when I contacted them.

Sad but my Grandfather owned a Nissan DAtsun Truck in the late 1970/80s, cousins in Saudi and Jordan who owned Nissan in the 80s and all I've driven for the past 15 years has been Nissans and now I'm screwed after being such a loyal Customer.

Please sign the Petition and Contact your local News Station =)
Other Suggestions are :
1. File a Safety Complaint with the Government
2.Join the nationwide class action lawsuit against Nissan in 2010 by Mr. Mendelsohn and Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman, LLC
3. Or file your own lawsuit in small claims court whatever suits you =)

Have an AMAZING Day! =) Rasha


HERE IS THE Info on the Lawsuit if you're interested.



In 2010, Mr. Mendelsohn and Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman, LLC, filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against Nissan relating to reported defects in Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Xterra and Nissan Frontier vehicles. To date, Nissan has denied liability for this problem and continues to fight our case.


Due to the reported defects in these vehicles’ radiators, the interior components of the radiators (internal transmission coolers) break down allowing coolant to mix with the transmission fluid. As a result of the contamination, the transmission and other drive train components are damaged and may require replacement. Our investigation reveals that Nissan typically denies warranty coverage for repairs caused by these defects even if the vehicle’s powertrain is still under warranty.


After our lawsuit was filed, Nissan "voluntarily" extended the warranty on the radiator assembly to 80,000 miles, although the extension does not specify whether consequential damage to the transmission is also covered. Regardless, our investigation has revealed that the radiator and transmission failures frequently occur beyond 80,000 miles, making the warranty extension useless to most owners.


This Nissan radiator defect poses a safety risk to owners who can sustain catastrophic transmission failure while the vehicle is being operated. Although Nissan claims that this is not a "safety issue," it is undeniable that losing forward propulsion on a busy highway can be dangerous. In fact, on August 24, 2011, the New York Times reported on the Nissan Radiator Defect and cited numerous complaints to NHTSA about transmission failures leading to safety issues.


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