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Wizard101 Nintendo Switch port

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Hello fans of both Wizard101 and Nintendo Switch alike. I come before you to propose an idea, a very far fetched idea, however with support we can make it a reality. I propose to put the MMO Wizard101 onto the Nintendo Switch. I have prepared reasons why it would be beneficial to put the game on the portable console. When i was a child, I would always be on the move, dragging me away from the game, I always wanted to see the game go mobile. The Nintendo Switch can make this happen. I present to you my reasons why this should be ported to the console.

My reasons why it could/should happen.

  1. The Nintendo switch has the hardware required to run the game at 60 FPS at 720 and 1080 resolution.
  2. Putting the game on the Eshop would bring in a whole new audience for the game, which in turn, would make profit.
  3. The announcement of Nintendo Labo means that Nintendo is interested in aiming games and activities towards children, and family's.  The same aim for Wizard101. Even though any age can enjoy the competitive nature of the game.
  4. The game play is fun, and as i said competitive. In other words, it would be another great and fun game on the Switch.
  5. Not many buttons are need to play Wizard101, the Switch has plenty including a touch screen.
  6. This is my biggest point. The portability of the switch, and why the switch would make more sense to port rather than lets say the Xbox. Imagine going to a friends house and dragging a laptop with you to play the game as i have. With the switch, you could take the game anywhere with ease. With the switch, it is possible to play anywhere with a internet connection. This would open a whole new widow for Kinsisle (company who owns Wizard101) to bring in more customers and allow long time fans to play the game anywhere and not get slowed down by a computer or a clunky laptop. I predict this would be good business for both Nintendo and Kinsisle for more people would buy the switch to play their favorite MMO on the go, and Kinsisle to bring in more players if advertised correctly. 

If we were able to combine our voices, we could be able to get this game onto the switch. Not only would it be beneficial to both Nintendo, and Kingsisle and their business, but it would put a game onto the switch that is beloved by many people. I hope you consider signing the petition to port this game, and make a small dream I had  become a reality. 

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