Opening Pokecenter/Pokecenter Online/Nintendo World NOT TEMPORARY in Europe #RoadToPCEU

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It's been a long time since the Pokémon Center in Paris has been closed. I thought it could have been the beginning of a dream, but after the closure we've never had another Pokémon Center here.
I play Pokémon since I was 7 years old, and except for Pokémon XY, USUM, and some other spin-offs, I've never really left the brand. It was hard, I was bullied for so long about it that I hope no one will never stay in my place. But today, after so much time I can say that none of them has never been right.
I know it will cost a lot, I know you will not open Pokémon Centers in every single city, but it doesn't matter, make something, listen to our request. I ask you, as a simple 26 years old Pokémon trainer that will never really stop loving this wonderful world that you created.

PLEASE NINTENDO AND GAMEFREAK open a Pokémon Center/Nintendo Store NOT TEMPORARY here in Europe, in the end it'll be worth for everyone, for those people like me, and even for you that will give us another reason to love you as we do everyday.