Give Fire Emblem Fates a European release date

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Back in the Nintendo Direct of November 2015, Fire Emblem Fates received a release date of February 19th 2016.... for American territories. What about Europe? Mr Satoru Shibata told us it was "coming to Nintendo 3DS next year". Months have passed since then and now the game is available in America. Surely we have a release date for Europe, right? You would be wrong. There's been complete silence from Nintendo of Europe with regards to the game since that Direct.

What's worrying is that a similar situation occurred during the American version of the November 2015 Direct with Bravely Second. There was no release date mentioned during the segment yet a release date of February 26th was announced for Europe. Then out of the blue, Nintendo gave a release date of April 15th 2016 for America last month. February is about to end and we've heard nothing about a Fates release date in Europe. All we have right now is speculation, varying placeholder dates from retailers and a placeholder release date of 2016. This is worrying considering we've known about this game for over a year and haven't got a release date yet Twilight Princess HD and Virtual Console versions of the first generation Pokémon games were announced in the November Direct and have release dates of February 27th and March 4th respectively. I find that unsettling considering many people are looking forward to Fates more than either of those releases.

I have many friends who have been asking the same question since November: When will us people in Europe get to play it? I've seen a lot of people online asking it as well. For example if you look in the comments of most Nintendo UK social media posts since January you'll comment such comments as "still waiting for a Fates release date", "Fire emblem fates release date in Europe please" and my personal favourite.... "Have you finished the European version of Fire Emblem Fates?" in response to this post. So naturally they would respond to at least one of these comments or announce they'll have information on a release date soon to calm people down, right? Well, you'd be wrong. Like I've already mentioned, there's been absolutely no talk about Fates from Nintendo of Europe since November's Direct. Usually, Nintendo are known to be friendly to their consumer base but here it feels like they're alienating all the Fire Emblem fans of this region. They're acting like no one cares. This sort of situation occurred with Shin Megami Tensei IV - an RPG for the 3DS by Atlus. Europeans didn't receive the game until October 30th 2014, which was over a year after it launched in America. People actively complained then but both Nintendo and Atlus kept their lips sealed for the longest time. I don't want a repeat of that situation again with this game and I'm sure fans of both Fire Emblem and SMT will agree.

Another problem? Spoilers. Most do not want to play all the way through a game if they know what plot twists are coming or what happens at the end. One of my friends is now playing the game by other means instead of waiting for it to come out here because she's been spoiled about certain things since the American launch of the game and doesn't want to be spoiled anymore. She's still going to buy a PAL copy of the game on launch, but that won't be the case for others. If they are desperate to see the story and they watch a playthrough of it YouTube, then they'll think "What's the point of buying the game now? I already know what's going to happen." and that's one less sale for this game. People have also imported 3DS systems from other regions and a copy of Fates just to play the game they have longed to play since it's announcement in January last year. Why should they buy the game again if they can already play it?

What us European Fire Emblem fans want is a release date to be announced by NoE for Europe. We don't care if it's during a Direct or through their social media accounts - we want a solid release date for this game as soon as possible.


If you're with me and the many others who want to know when this game will be released in Europe, please sign and share this petition. If you are on Facebook, you can share it in the comments of posts from Nintendo 3DS UK's Facebook page to let others know about this petition. If you have a twitter account, you can tweet it to @NintendoEurope and @NintendoUK until they respond. If you don't have a social media account, don't worry. You can tell your friends who want to play Fates about it and hopefully they'll sign it as well. Thank you for your time.

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