Petition for the censorship of 'skinship' with underage characters, incest and child marriage in Fire Emblem Fates

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1. Endorsing incest and pedophilia normalizes these behaviors. Incest leads to deformities in children and pedophilia harms children. Both are detrimental behaviors to society. We do not want the game to influence players and present these behaviors as things to be accepted or even celebrated instead of scorned.

2. Incest and child marriage are illegal in America. Not only are these illegal acts being depicted in the game, they are being carried out by the player-controlled avatar. The controversy caused by these illegal acts would be harmful to Nintendo's reputation and the image of the Fire Emblem series in the West.

3. Put simply, these behaviors are morally repugnant. Fans of the series and new players with moral sensibilities do not want to have to deal with incest, child marriage, and sexual touching of underage characters in a strategy RPG. By putting a stop to this here, it sends a message that players do not want these features in this game and future games in the series.

It may be already too late for Japan, but there is still long window of time before the release of the game in the West. Let them know we won't stand for this.


It has come to our attention that the game also includes a series of weapons (Highwayman weapons) that strip enemy characters to their underwear when used to attack them. This petition also calls for the removal of these weapons from the localized version, for the following reasons:

1. As mentioned before, the cast of playable characters includes many who are visibly underage. These characters appear as enemy combatants during the story or in online battles against other players. Using the Highwayman weapons to strip these characters constitutes a depiction of sexual assault against a minor.

2. It makes light of a very sensitive and serious issue - the sexual assault of enemy combatants in wartime. It is detrimental to the human rights movement to reduce such a serious issue to a joke in the game.

3. It is another case of pandering to the eroge crowd. Strategy RPG fans want the developers to focus on game balance and design, not petting minigames and clothing destruction.


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