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Motion control in DOOM for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch is a platform that has a unique technology in its controls, HD vibration, gyroscope, accelerometer, nfc reader, camera ir ... etc.
As happened in the past in many shooters and first person games in the Wii, the use of the pointer was a plus for that version as it made the gameplay more accurate, faster, fun and intuitive, approaching to the feeling of a keyboard and mouse.
Now the Nintendo Switch uses the gyroscope in various games like Zelda Breath of The Wild, Splatton 2 or the pointer with a technology similar to the Wii in some indie games like World of Goo and Little Inferno. For the Nintendo Switch (please see some videos attached as an example) I feel the use of this technology a great addition to the enjoyment of the games, particularly in the case of doom I’m sure it will make the game more appealing for players looking for an experience different from what they have already enjoyed on other game console platforms. It feel for me some unfair that others “small” games can enjoy this technology and for a very waited and big game that could not be enjoyed.
That's the cause we ask for the implementation of the pointer of the joycons or the use of gyroscope as a playable option apart in the most conventional way with the joystick, so you can choose (as happens in many games in Switch)


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