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Localize "Story of Seasons" 3DS for EU and AUS Regions

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As we loyal players all know, the beloved Harvest Moon series has been re-branded as Story of Seasons outside of Japan. As for The Lost Valley, well... Most of us don't even consider that a real Harvest Moon installment. Story of Seasons has since been released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family systems, and just as exclusively in JP and NA. It has been over five months since the North American localization was released, and over a year since the Japanese release, but there has still been no word on even a roughly estimated release date for EU and AUS. Many of us had purchased NA cartridges being distributed in the UK (most of which have since been returned, though some people went to extremes and hacked their systems in order to play a game which, I remind you, has already been translated to English, hence there would be no need for the UK and Australia to have to wait any longer than America if there was a language-based system instead of regional lockouts - but that's another argument altogether). This was done out of sheer desperation to play this game, in the hopes that we would be able to finally access what Japanese and American players are allowed to freely enjoy for being lucky enough to have been born in the right places. People have been continually bombarding the Story of Seasons Facebook page, all asking the same questions - "When will this come to EU/AUS? When will it be our turn? Is it even coming at all?" There is never an answer. We all want this game. Even if it goes down the same route as Rune Factory 4 and takes what feels like an eternity to reach us, please, just make it happen.

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