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Kirby Right Back At Ya: Reboot!

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Almost any Kirby fan knows about the anime based around the Kirby series, "Hoshi no Kaabii" in Japanese, which translates to "Kirby of the Stars", or the English dubbed version by 4kids, "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!" created by Warp Star Inc. (Owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory)

The anime was memorable for many of our childhoods, with funny scenes, affectionate ones, some that even made us cry, but most importantly, and endless amount of poyos! It even spawned a ton of memes to remind us of the wonderful anime while giving us a nice laugh for generations.

The thing is... the anime is pretty old by now. Several new Kirby games have been released since. Wouldn't it be amazing to see how Kirby would naturally act with all the new copy abilities and different powers with his old friends Tiff and Tuff by his side again? Not to mention having old and new adversaries return. There are thousands of possibilities for plot points, especially if they could be taken directly from actual games, such as having Magolor or Sectonia or even the Haltmann Works Company!

Imagine what hilarious situations could arise when Kirby decides to use his new abilities for shenanigans, or what epic battle scenes could take place if those shenanigans ever go to far! There is so much potential for a great anime reboot, mere words cannot express it.

But you can help make this happen by signing this petition!

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