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Nintendo: Give Us 90 Days Free on "Flipnote Gallery: World"

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It has been nearly 3 and 1/2 months since the shutdown of Flipnote Hatena, and over a month since the planned release of Flipnote Studio 3D.

It's understandable that this delay has happened, but I think Nintendo owes us Flipnote fans an apology for a) Shutting down Flipnote Hatena far before the release of Studio 3D, and b) Delaying the title for over a month (so far!), without a word of when the release date will finally be.

So what do I propose we demand? The answer is simple.

90 days.

Nintendo originally planned to offer a 30-day free trial for Flipnote Gallery: World in order to convince us that it's worth the monthly fee. However, due to the 2 factors mentioned above, I think we should demand three "free passes" to the Gallery, for a full free trial of 90 days.

This isn't without precedence. When Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS so early in its lifespan, Nintendo "apologized" to the early adopters by giving them 20 free games on the eShop, some of which aren't yet available for the general public to purchase. This was branded the "ambassador program."

Now, Nintendo owes fans of Flipnote Studio a similar apology. In order to make up for the delays, Nintendo should offer an extended 90-day free trial for the Flipnote Gallery: World service.

Sign this petition if you agree, and think that Nintendo should be more open about release dates and delays.

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