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EarthBound HD (an EarthBound remaster for the Nintendo Switch)

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Hello everyone, today i would like to express my desire for a remaster for the video game "EarthBound" released in Japan and the US during 1994 and everywhere else during 2013.  While EarthBound is a very niche series created by Nintendo, it is also a game that has been widely adored by many people all over the world and has inspired many other critically acclaimed games such as "Undertale" and "South Park: the stick of truth" and not only that, it has also inspired artists, music composer and other video game developers. It is a game that gave a unique spin on the RPG genre that no one had ever seen at the time and while at it's initial release it proved a tad too adventurous and sales were poor, now in present day the public have a much different view on RPGs and have been able to recognise what a great work of art "EarthBound" is. I understand that Nintendo may be reluctant to make anything EarthBound related but I also feel that relying on sales figures that are well over two decades old isn't very wise either, so simply put: I feel "EarthBound HD" deserves a chance; not only will it be a perfect gateway for new fans to the series but I also feel it would be a wonderful love letter to the past for older fans too. Again I can see that Nintendo may be reluctant to make a game like this due the small fanbase but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the fanbase is growing bigger by the days and is now bigger than it ever was before; Starman.Net is a large website full of dedicated programmers, artists and musicians and they do what they do because they love EarthBound and have been doing so on the website for many many years, and even now in present day another EarthBound fan group has recently been created called "EarthBound Amino" part of the Amino apps, I happen to be the leader of the latter mentioned community and I have noticed there are plenty of new fans arriving and expressing their love for the game every day so again I would like to clarify: while the fanbase is smaller than some of the larger Nintendo brands, it is definitely growing and will continue growing even now. With some explanations out of the way I would now like to present some ideas I have thought of for EarthBound HD to make sure it is enhancing the original while at the same time not tampering with things that made the original a wonderful and exciting experience. The ideas are as follows:

* Add running to the game, works the same way as it does in Mother 3, (skip sandwich will still be there but that instead makes you even faster)

* Scrapbook: this works like the battle memory does in Mother 3 but you can also look at models of enemies and rotate them make them move in their idle animations, there will also be a diary feature that is updated upon every new place you visit and new story point, nothing too in depth to avoid making the hint guy redundant.

* Party members will have idle animations if they stand around for a little while along with a feature that allows you to talk to them, each party member (including temporaries) will have unique flavour text for different areas and parts of the story allowing for lots of experimentation.

* Photos are customisable (from the second photo man encounter onwards) allowing you to pose Ness and any other party members in a variety of different ways, a new feature can be unlocked allowing a freelance photo maker which allows you to choose from any of the characters and places and make lots of different types of photos. Characters can have their facial expressions and bodies posed in many different ways.

* Once a battle begins an animations similar to the newer Pokemon games will play out (close up on the enemy and they pose and then we see the trainer throw out their Pokemon) but instead of Pokemon coming from poke balls the party members will jump forward into view and their HP and PP bars are seen beneath them and then they pose and different status problems change the pose (character looks fatigued if they are low on HP, remain still if they are diamonsied or paralysed)

* An optional tutorial mode can be played, it will be a small story before the events of EarthBound featuring Ness, Pokey, Picky and Tracey, this will serve as a way to introduce beginners and add a bit more insight to how Ness got his powers.

* Challenge mode: this mode allows players to play through the game in different ways adding further replayability and a more challenging experience to veteran players (challenge mode will be unlocked after the normal game is complete) the challenges are unlocked through finding them in game and triggering them (e.g a teddy bear challenge which involves keeping the teddy bear item intact for as long as possible would be triggered by speaking to the teddy bear in Paula's room after the game is complete), challenges can include a teddy bear challenge, a no equip challenge, a T Rex bat challenge, no healing item challenge or no hotel challenge.

* Battle backgrounds will now be of the locations you are fighting in (similar to the newer Pokemon games), enemies in Onett will be fought in a road with various shops visible, enemies in winters will be fought in a snowy field, etc the overworld and battle music will also be remastered. There will also be an item called the "Battle Drug" which changes the battle backgrounds to the original psychedelic backgrounds seen in the original, this item can be unlocked through beating the game, classic overworld and battle tracks will be heard when using this item, it can be toggled on and off.

so there are my ideas for the EarthBound remaster, I hope you too feel they would be a great addition to an already great game. and so I conclude this petition by asking for your support, without your help this idea could remain forever that: an idea so you: the reader, the public and Nintendo I ask you this, please give this idea a chance, I feel it's about time EarthBound gets the recognition it deserves.

thank you for reading, have a nice day and I hope you consider signing this petition.

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