Chrono Trigger cast in Smash Bros

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It is time for characters from Chrono Trigger to appear in Smash. 

Chrono Trigger is one of the best games that came out on the Super Nintendo. It was a critical success and one of the best selling games on the Super Nintendo. It was developed by the "Dream Team", bringing together developers from Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, which are still two of the biggest JRPG franchises. It has been ported to Playstation, the Nintendo DS, mobile phones, and now Steam. It has reportedly sold 3,920,384+ copies across the various platforms.

I've seen it argued that Chrono Trigger is a third party and would be harder to get in. But Square Enix allowed Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII to be included in Smash Bros for the Wii U, 3DS, and now in Smash Ultimate. While Cloud is a great addition, he has not ever appeared on a Nintendo game except for Smash. Chrono Trigger is a Square Enix game from an actual Nintendo platform, and encapsulates a much beloved genre of gaming on that platform.

I have also seen it argued that Chrono Trigger is now obscure and there is not as much interest. I'd counter that by pointing out that many people did not know who Ness was when he was included in the original Smash Bros game on the N64. Earthbound is a cult classic, and Ness' inclusion helped to revive interest in the game. While Ness is also a great addition to Smash Bros, Earthbound is not as well known or as iconic as Chrono Trigger. 

So I believe there is a market for Chrono Trigger based on its place in the history of gaming and its success across multiple platforms that continues today. 

Additionally, Chrono Trigger representation in Smash has more potential than just the characters it could bring in. The music from the game is some of the best video game music there is and is still played at large events, such as Video Game Live. There are various items that could be included as pickups or additional characters that could come in as Assist Trophies. Not to mention the potential for Chrono themed stages. 

I am a lifelong fan of this game. I have bought it multiple times (on the SNES, Playstation, Wii Virtual Console, and the DS). It remains my favorite game of all time. I have always idly hoped that Chrono Trigger would be represented in Smash Bros, but it always seemed a long shot. Now, the game has expanded, including characters like Pac-Man, Cloud, and Sonic. It has become an embodiment of video game history. As such, I believe its time Chrono Trigger was represented. 

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