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Bring Zelda Breath of the Wild North America special editions to Europe

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When I saw that North America were getting two special edition copies of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (and inexplicably different box art) for the Nintendo Switch with merchandise that is not available in Europe, I was beyond disappointed.

Us fans in Europe are going to miss out on collectable items only included in those North American Master and Special Editions such as the carry case, collectable coin, and the map of Hyrule, for what reason exactly? Because we happen to live on the wrong continent? Instead, all we get is the weaker (in my opinion) of the two box art designs, the Master Sword statue, and "sound selection CD". All items that are included in the NA editions already.

The Limited Edition in Europe costs £89.99 (over 103 Euros) for:

  • copy of the game
  • Master Sword Statue
  • 24-song Soundtrack CD

The North American Special Edition - its closest comparison - includes for only £82 (94 Euros):

  • copy of the game
  • Relic of Hyrule: Calamity Ganon Tapestry and Weather Worn Map
  • 24-song Soundtrack CD
  • Switch Sheikah Slate carrying case
  • Collectible coin

We pay more and get less. One statue doesn't outweigh the case, coin and map. A statue you'd get anyway in the NA Master Edition.

I understand that the Switch isn't region locked so I could theoretically buy the NA edition and import it if I was desperate enough. But this is a matter of principle. I shouldn't have to import the version of the game I want based on what continent I'm on, or be limited to an inferior Limited Edition that costs more for less merchandise.

We need to bring this to the attention of Nintendo ASAP for them to redirect and prepare more stock for Europe for at least the NA Special Edition.

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