Adding a Bowsette echo for Peach/Bowser into Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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As a child, my friend introduced me to the smash brothers series with the installment  on the Nintendo Wii. Ever since that day I’ve been enthralled with the series and have played all of the games in the lineup. Come December, I’m planning on purchasing the newest installment: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and have been mostly excited about the characters that are being announced for the new title, however, in the past week a new character has come to my attention. This character is one that technically already exists in the game however she has an interesting twist. The character I’m referring to is none other than the fan creation known as Bowsette. This character creation takes from the idea of Toadette’s new transformation in  New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, where she puts on the “Super Crown” and becomes the character known as “Peachette”, a humanoid peach lookalike that bares resemblances to both the mushroom-like toadette and her princess. The idea is this one simple question: what if the series’ main antagonist Bowser were to steal and put on this Super Crown? Well of course he would become a female version of himself, and thus Bowsette was born. Now, I understand that there is a lot of art of the character online that Nintendo would find more than undesirable, I too feel the same way. I’d rather see the character portrayed in an interesting, family-friendly, and fun light. I believe that Bowsette could work amazingly if Nintendo implemented her as the of the new class of fighter known as an “Echo Fighter”. Because of her size I’m tempted to suggest her as a second echo fighter for Peach, however even though she is human sized, she could still be implemented as one for Bowser which would add a unique floaty play style to a character with a move set made by combining Peach’s and Bowser’s. I hope that the community and perhaps even Nintendo themselves will consider this petition as it gains a following and I look towards a future in which Bowsette is present in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.