Add Shaggy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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I like many of you are still devastated over the outrage that is Waluigi not getting his well deserved spot in the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate. DO NOT let Nintendo make another mistake like that again, its too late for Waluigi but its not for Shaggy. We must band together and make sure Nintendo don't crush our hopes, dreams and hearts again. Please help me, help you by joining the petition to get Shaggy his rightfully deserved spot in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Even if it means giving him his own paid DLC pack.

Please Warner Bros allow Nintendo the rights and means to put Shaggy in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Please Bandai Namco Studios, Sora Ltd. and Nintendo consider putting Shaggy into Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Thankyou everyone for the support.