Add Rosalina and Galaxy Tour to Super Mario Run and bring back the Fire and Ice Powerups

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Super Mario Run has got its first major overhaul since its original announcement. Although it has Daisy in the recent update. It needs more than just regular plain levels. It also should have levels themed after the Super Mario Galaxy games. There should be a Galaxy Tour mode in Super Mario Run which takes Mario and friends to space to save Rosalina and her Lumas and have her be playable like in Super Mario 3D World after beating the game and unlocking her through the post-game content. There should also be the traditional Fire and Ice Flower power-ups like in other Mario platformers to make it have the full complete Mario platformer feel with the ability to defeat enemies that you can't defeat normally without the Fire and Ice Powerups. It should autofire on those enemies. The Raccoon/Tanooki forms also make it like the other Mario platformers.