Nike: Fire Homophobic Designer Jerry Lorenzo

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Nike Inc. is a company that has historically supported the LGBTQ+ community, however, they have recently announced a collaboration with Fear of God, headed by Jerry Lorenzo.

This is troubling news, as he has been openly against gay marriage for quite sometime. The problem isn't inherently with Jerry's stance, he is allowed to have his own opinions. The issue is that Nike claims to be a LGBTQ+ ally, and has collections and campaigns like #BeTrue where they profit off of the community. However, there is more to being an ally than what you say, it is also what you do. It isn't like Nike has had collaborations in the past with Jerry Lorenzo, this is only recently announced, nor has he just "come out of the closet" as anti gay marriage. He has held this stance publicly since he made an instagram post against it on November 9th, 2016.

Nike, if you want to be an ally, that is great, but you have to be consistent. If you do not wish to do so, then please stop profiting off of the community. 

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