Nike Cleats for Iran's Soccer Team

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Ok Nike, I am very disappointed that you are following the politicians and decided to boycott selling soccer boots to Iranians' soccer team. 

People of Iran are disappointed, Iranians overseas are disappointed. You are a sports company not a political cult. No one and I mean no one likes a sport company that gets into politics. You should know that. 

Change your decision and do the right thing. JUST DO IT. There are 5 millions of us Iranians overseas, 80 millions of us in Iran and 4 billion soccer fans in the world. Can you imagine what is going to happen when we all decide to stop buying your products?

Change your policy, stop following the wrong political traits. Iran's Soccer team is not representing Iran's government. You too should stop representing your government.

I call this petition on my birthday, until you withdraw your message us Iranians in the world and all of us crazy soccer fans will ban buying Nike Products! 

Thank you!