Pass A Law Banning Jungle Justice In Nigeria

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Pass A Law Banning Jungle Justice In Nigeria

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It is very important to ban Jungle Justice in Nigeria because hoodlums and touts have resulted to this means to continue carrying out their evil mission on innocent citizens.

Last year 4 undergraduate students of Uniport were burnt alive in Aluu, a remote village in Port Harcourt , Rivers State Nigeria.

Just yesterday, the 31st of July, 2013 another terrible Jungle justice happened in Badagry area of Lagos State Nigeria were two innocent guys were burnt alive with tires after touts accused them of armed robbery.

Detail report of what happened can by found at

A live video of their murder has been uploaded on YouTube.

Jungle Justice is gradually becoming the number one killer of innocent people in Nigeria today.

It 's high time we stop these senseless killings.

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This petition had 40 supporters

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