Stop the killings of the peaceful people of Benue state, Nigeria, by the herdsmen.

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The killings of the Benue people has been going on for a long time. People are being slaughtered as though they are cattle. IDPs increase on a daily basis; people die every day; nobody feels safe at home anymore, talk of more of going to the farm, which is the main source of livelihood for the Benue people.

Today being 24th of April, 2018, the Benue people are feeling that the situation has gone out of hand because for the first time in the history of this man-slaughter, two priests of the Catholic church and the congregation were shot dead during the celebration of mass. This incidence has made us more afraid than ever, because for us in Benue, it is unheard-of to attack a church, so anyone who is able to do so is capable of anything. This event is a big threat. Benue will soon have no survivals.

We need the federal government to intervene. It has been too silent for too long. Please help us before it's too late.