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STOP OAU, Ile-Ife management from forcing ETX-NG on her Alumni for Transcript Processing

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Last year, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife – one of the leading universities in Nigeria adopted ETX-NG ( – a digital transcript processing agency as the only transcript requesting and processing channel available to her alumni thereby voiding all previous channels of obtaining transcripts including appearing in person/proxy at the exams and records unit.

This decision has mounted considerable challenges to the alumni body as the services offered by ETX-NG is unnecessarily exorbitant and slow compared to what we had in the past.

To tell my story, today makes it a month since I applied for my transcript via OAU enforced after hearing series of complaints from my friends Ridwan Sorunke, Akanbi Toluwase, and Bilkis Ajiwokewu about the exorbitant rates and super slow service delivery almost comparable to snail speed except that in this case, there doesn't seem to be any movement at all.

Unsurprisingly, since I made the order, I have no update on what is happening with my transcript. No update, no calls, just plain stagnant (Application made). To imagine we normally get transcript at far lower cost in 2-3 days makes me want to weep for my country.

Innovations are meant to improve our lives (reduce cost, increase speed, make for ease) not to add superfluous layers of complexity primarily meant to extort. I am not alone in this. The www is filled with negative reviews about this ETX-NG. With all these one wonders why OAU compulsorily enrolled her students for such inefficient service. As they say, money is behind all evils. Looking through ETX-NG website, I found that anyone who facilitates ETX-NG adoption by an institution automatically get a N500,000 compensations. For what? you ask!

I think the better question to ask is "Who received the N500,000 in OAU"?

What do I propose?

ETX-NG may be a convenient solution for students who cannot present themselves at the Exams and Records units of the university and for those who are also not in hurry and thus are willing to pay way more for the service of a superfluous agency. However, for those who aren’t in this group like myself, it is better the university retains the old system that is faster and more cost effective. This will ensure that no one is forced to use a service they do not require. This is the standard everywhere else in the world - public service should never be left in the hands of rent seeking entities.

Lastly, the university should investigate the exams and records unit because clearly ETX-NG offered someone N500,000 or more to facilitate its adoption by the university.

Ariwoola Abdulroqeeb Idowu

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