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Stop Oxfam's "Give A Goat" Program

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Oxfam says that "goats make great gifts!"  For a $58 donation made through their Unwrapped campain, Oxfam will place a goat into a community where she will be repeatedly impregnated, have her children taken from her, and be exploited for her milk.  This will happen year after year, with child after child stolen away, until her milk production slows and she is no longer deemed profitable.  At that point, she will be killed.

Oxfam claims that the goats "create greater self-sufficiency, self-esteem and educational opportunities for recipients and their families."  A better alternative would be to teach the people to farm vegetables or train them in a marketable skill that does not involve the exploitation of innocent animals.

Please sign this petition today so we can send a clear message to Oxfam that goats are not objects and should not be given as gifts.  They are peaceful, sentient beings that should not be exploited. 

This message will be sent to:

Nidhi Tandon                                                                                         39 McArthur Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, K1L 8L7                                                



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