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Imagine life as a chicken on a farm. In nature, you are able to roam freely and live up to natural expectations. However, you live on a factory farm. You spend every day locked in tight quarters, amongst heaps of other stressed animals and piles of manure. Your health and well-being are ignored in the name of mass production for human consumption. You acquire diseases due to your squalid conditions, and die a lonely death. You are not even avenged in terms of the product your carcass produces: the diseased meat of you and your friends are putting millions of consumers at risk.

Hello all, and thank you so much for taking the time to read this petition! We are a group of four high school seniors who selected factory farms as our global issue for our capstone project we are required to complete in our school. Throughout the process of cultivating this project, we have grown deeply concerned  by the state of factory farming in America and around the world.

You maybe wondering why factory farms are such a big problem in modern society. Factory farming is a production approached towards farm animals that maximizes production output. This comes at the expense of the quality of animal care and products produced. Factory farms produce gallons of manure that go into out water ways and spread diseases through our food that we eat every day. This is not safe for us because we can get seriously  sick.

We hope by you signing this petition we can change this and let elected officials know of this serious issue that is not presented throughout the media and other outlets that should know more about this horrific idea.