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Make FGM a Mandatory to be taught in Schools

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FGM is a devastating ,barbaric ,medieval, practice that shouldn't be inflicted on young innocent girls.FGM strikes like a hurricane but the destruction it leaves behind is for live.Its against human right violations and it's also taking the girl's rights to have her full body without been tampered with. FGM as a young girl when she hits puberty her nightmare begins,because when she starts her periods, there is no enough space for her periods to flow freely,the reason be,if she had type three,the girl had her clitoris removed completely,her vaginal lips removed completely,then they go inside and remove more tissues to make the passage inside even tighter and smaller. So proofs it self's comes with abdominal pains. Imagine now it can't. Cone out freely and gathers inside you d forms lumps, these can then develop into septicaemia and some girls died from that. FGM has enormous consequences for the girls which will last fir a life time. They will experience,physical's,emotional,, problems that they won't talk about and suffer in silence sometimes. It leaves you isolated and lonely. Giving birth is also dangerous for FGM survivor,you could end u herrmorraging because all the supporting tissues were removed, so you don't have any support as to a natural woman soul have. You would suffer with chronicle back pain forever,you would might not be able to have children because of the damage they done to you. There kidney problems too. Urinary Infections.. There I a lot associated with fgm We need to give the girls right to learn the full effects of aFGM.we need to give them the power to say NO. We need to give them the right to have their full body. We need to protect them from this harmful practice by has its hasto be seen as a child abuse nothing, just pure and simple child abuse

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