TP&KF: An All Grown Up Movie; Give All Grown Up (Pre-Teen Rugrats) a series Finale TV Film

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In 2003, Rugrats got a spin-off based on the TV special in 2001, where they were ten years older and it was called All Grown Up. In All Grown Up there was an episode called TP & KF where it was hinted that Tommy Pickles had a Crush on Chuckie's sister Kimi Finster and everyone speculated that they would be together, but Nickelodeon never made any more episodes after that because it was cancelled in 2006 and got sydicated to 2007 to 08 (which left us a bunch of unanswered questions for Tommy & Kimi) and it never had a proper happy ending and didn't have a feature film from Paramount, so i had this idea for a All Grown Up movie where it it just focused the pairing of TP&KF (Tommy Pickles & Kimi Finster) as the two embark on their biggest adventure ever.  This show was a huge impact to the fans base, the fans loved the characters because of thier personalities and going on great fun-filled adventures, not to mention it was one of the last great Nickelodeon shows before it ended. So it would be great honor if Nickelodeon, Klasky Csupo and Paramount did and gave the show a All Grown Up Movie franchise like they did for Rugrats and this petition can help. but, since Nickelodeon is reviving its old content with Tv Movies (like Rocko, Invader Zim & of course Hey Arnold), I think it would make sense for the TPKF Movie to be made into a 90 minute (or 2 Hour) TV movie, because it would have better ratings, it would have a lot of promotion and it could start & bring back the Rugrats franchise again and of course seeing the characters in the same format of the show too. It would be a great way 2 see Tommy & Kimi finally together and finally have a proper ending. so let's do this.