Nickelodeon: Please Make a Loud House Spin-Off series for Ronnie Anne & The Casagrandes

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Ronnie Anne is a supporting character on The Loud House that was a bully for Lincoln at first in the episode Heavy Meddle, but then during the end it showed that she only bullied him because she likes him (well Lincoln tried to kiss her and then she slapped him in the face but threw a rock a his window to give him her phone number), Then in Save the Date, Lincoln hurt her feelings and then the two had dinner with Bobby and Lori and they made up. Ever since then, they have been really close friends (or Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

But, on May 29th (Memorial Day), The Loud House aired a Half-Hour Special called Relative Chaos, which centered on Ronnie Anne and Bobby visiting their Big family in the city and their mom (Mrs. Santiago) said that she and the kids might be moving so they can be closer to them. Just like Lincoln's, Ronnie Anne also comes from a big family too.

Fans of the show really love Ronnie Anne and they want her to be with Lincoln, but the fans are worried that she'll leave the show after the episode and not come back. The fans shouldn't worry cause the writers know what they are doing and the whole plot of the episode got me thinking, what if this whole episode is a backdoor pilot to a possible spinoff series in the future cause i would like to see a spin-off for Ronnie Anne & Bobby & here's why. 

If the Spin-Off series happens, it will give Ronnie Anne & Booby more character development and we can focus more her family and also answer the question "What Happened To Mr. Santiago?". Also The Spin-Off series could focus more on Ronnie Anne's family history and her heritage. 

Another Reason why the Spin-Off should happen is that it has a story to tell about each family member like Maria, we want to know why she was divorced and how she manage to struggle being a single mom and of course her parent's Hector and Rosa (I think the two have so much history together and i think they can some amazing family history with their grandchildren)

If the spin-off does happen (which I think will at somepoint) i want them to have Lincoln & Lori guest star in a few episodes, so that way the relationship between Lincoln & Ronnie Anne and Bobby & Lori stay strong and i think it will make the fans very happy.

So if want to Ronnie Anne have her own show about her whole family, please sign support & RT 2 @NickAnimation and @TheLoudWriters. #LoudHouseSpinOff #RonnieAnneSpinOff #TheCasagrandes 

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