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Nick For Bin Weevils

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Many players of what was a great game called Bin Weevils have noticed the game's spiralling decline;the player count has dropped massively ever since the year 2010 leading to the game of becoming a mere shell of what it was. The community itself has desperately given several complaints to the current owner '55 Pixels' to no avail leading to the game becoming less appealing and fun to its audience, hence why the player base is a fraction of what it once was before. Influential members of the remaining player base have proposed a diverse amount of ideas in order to restore the game to its former state. However, this was unsuccessful due to '55 Pixels turning a blind eye as they have been for many years.

 The game also needs a new leading studio simply for more staff to work on and monitor the game;the current team cannot seem to run and develop the game as expeditiously as it used to. This is evidently seen when after it began working on several other projects, it required making 30 employees redundant due to a decline in sales, leading to an impediment on the development of 'Bin Weevils'. Consequently, this can be said to link to the massive downturn the game experienced in 2013-2015 where hackers had almost complete control over the game, eventually rendering it to be unplayable. The game was then put offline for maintenance, further emphasising the need for a new or more developed leading studio.

'Bin Weevils' has a balance of different features frequently found in online virtual games. For example, the game contains a versatile chat feature where players can communicate with others in the game wherever one may go. Other games fail to incorporate this into their own-a prime example being 'Moshi Monsters'. This game has a sticky note system which only allows players to communicate whilst in their 'homes' in the game, proving to be very restrictive in comparison to 'Bin Weevils'. Another feature would be having access to purchasing premium membership in the game, found in almost every online virtual game nowadays. 'Bin Weevils' has its 'Bin Tycoon' membership feature and did well to balance it;players could still access and enjoy many features of the game whilst still being a non-premium member. However, this isn't the case with many other online virtual games-'Club Penguin' is notoriously known for heavily segregating the player base;non-premium members get very limited access to the game in comparison to premium members, creating a sense of discrimination and unfairness on the player base as a whole. Even though 'Bin Weevils' found an equilibrium with both features at first, over time the game can be said to have lost this crucial balance-new features in the game are increasingly becoming more and more exclusive to premium members leading to the replication of what was found in 'Club Penguin'. Similarly, this can apply to the chat feature of 'Bin Weevils';over time the player base has noticed the chat filter gradually becoming more restrictive, allowing less communication between players. Eventually, this can lead to a chat system more along the lines of 'Moshi Monsters' with it being very restrictive on players.

This petition hopes to highlight the need for a new leading studio for the game 'Bin Weevils'. Many members have propsed that the former owner of the game 'Nickelodean' should reclaim it back; they ran the game with many old features that countless members of the current community have come to miss. 55 Pixels were respinsible for abolishing these key features. one of which was 'King Of The Bin' (K.O.T.B) where players challenge each other in various mini games, earn points, get on the scoreboards and win a crown. 55 Pixels has claimed many times in the past several years to reinstate this fan-favourite feature. However, to this day the game is still lacking this said feature, highlighting the dishonesty and improper practices of the current leading studio, hence why the game requires either a new leading studio or its former owner 'Nickelodean' to reclaim the right of ownership.



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