Rededicate and Rename the Nichols School 8th Grade Award & Rename The Dann Memorial Rink

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In light of the Crowell Report, publically released on January 6, 2018, wherein teachers and administrators at the Nichols School were found to have either engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with students, or failed to protect students from said behaviors, we the undersigned demand that the E.Webb Dann 8th Grade Award be rededicated and renamed.  Further, we demand that the Dann Memorial Rink be renamed.

We believe the Nichols school has a responsibility to the students, staff, alumni and community at large to remove the surname of a sexual predator who molested young children in his capacity as a teacher at the school.  No child should have his name associated with an award in his honor, nor should any family be forced to enter one of the most iconic athletic facilities in Western New York while it bears his family name.  

While the rink was named after different Dann family members, that name is now forever tainted by what the former 8th grade dean did to children entrusted to his care. 

If the rink is to be renamed, any proceeds associated with the naming rights should be donated to a victims relief fund, or a scholarship, in honor of the victims of this dark period in the school’s history.

We stand on the shoulders of the brave victims and survivors who had the courage and strength to share their stories and bring dialogue where there was silence.  Most importantly, the victims and survivors embody the mantra of the school, τόάληοες – Truth.

We demand that Nichols School, the administrators and Board of Trustees, "Embraces, Challenges and Discovers Itself," by protecting students and ensuring that this never happens again.

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