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Reverse Pokemon Go Speed Block

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I have created this petition due to the outpouring demand of reversing the speed block that Niantic put into place. My goal is to get enough signatures that Niantic will reconsider and remove the speed block.

Pokemon Go used to be a super fun game app to play but they have made an inconvenient change and has in a sense deterred the fun of the game. The speed block they have put into place has caused so much tension to the point many players have quit the game. There are many factors that prove that the speed block they have put into place was a bad decision. Many places there is a huge gap between Pokestops and in many instances not feasible to walk from one stop to another.

What they have to take into factor is there are families with children and it's generally safer to travel by vehicle and play where you know your children are buckled in safely and not running around. Then there is people who travel by bus, train, tram. Also truck drivers that have passengers that like to play while going on long trips. Weather may not permit for a player to play unless they are traveling by vehicle. Also before the speed block I knew many people would group together and get a taxi and have a taxi drive them around. Point is a great amount of players rely on no speed block.

There are many disabled people and people in general who can only walk short distances. It is discriminating to disabled people as they essentially can not play with the speedblock. 

 The speed block has proven to be more dangerous then anything.  Keep in mind you are required to go the speed of 20mph or less in order for Pokemon to appear and to be able to spin Pokestops. 

Niantic wants everyone to walk. Not everyone can walk or walk long distances.  Plus lot's of people may only be able to play at night time due to work schedules,etc and if so you are putting yourself in danger walking in the dark making you a target. The possibilities are endless. Fact is you are safer in a vehicle then walking on foot. This applies during the day and night. 

With the speed block in place they are making it hard on us Pokemon trainers to be able to collect the necessary items we need in order to play the game. Unless you are in a place like Central Park where it is flooded with Pokestops and you can easily fill your bag, the game is slightly halted cause you are pretty limited in smaller area's outside the big cities where there are a lot less Pokestops.

From my understanding they put the speed block into place because of accidents. Putting the speed block into place is not going to stop people from driving and playing. In fact it just forces people to slow down while playing which causes traffic jams and fender benders which I have personally seen. We understand you are not supposed to drive and play but many are passengers playing and passengers should be able to play I mean after all Niantic still has the "I'm a passenger" popup. Why have it if they don't want you riding in a car playing?

We shouldn't be punished because some people don't use common sense. Such as those who are darting into traffic and not looking to catch Pokemon on foot, and/or not paying attention to the road while driving. Majority of us are paying attention to our surroundings and playing while being safe about it.

Fact is since the speed block was put into place we are missing out on so many good Pokemon cause they no longer appear unless we are going under 20mph and in most places it's impossible to go that slow. I once enjoyed going around town and Pokemon showed up everywhere no matter how fast or slow you were going and I can snag them, and catch them on the go. No one wants to spend years playing this game with a speed block in place. The game becomes super boring and people move on to play other games,etc. 

Also many people have been having issues with their nearby due to the speed block. Reversing the speed block will fix this issue as there will be no reason for the nearby to disappear ever.

We want to keep our love of the game going. So by signing this petition you are in agreement that when we agree to Niantic's terms and conditions we acknowledge that we are solely responsible for how we play and that Niantic is not responsible for anyone whatsoever in the event you get into an accident and/or injured during play.

Point is speed block or not people will still play while in a vehicle so if the block was put into place due to collisions then it really serves no purpose cause people are still getting into collisions at slower speeds and I have seen numerous fender benders since the block was put into place but have not seen any accidents at normal speeds when there was no speed block. Which tells me there are more accidents caused because of the speed restrictions. 


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