Niantic, please change the way we swap Pokemon in PVP

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PVP has been out for Pokemon Go for a year and a half now and has been a great addition to the game with many tweaks that have made the game better. However for this whole time one large issue has remained and that's the switching mechanism which is in a pop up overlay. Here are the reasons this is bad:

  1. In simple User Interface design terms, there is no reason to make a user click twice when the same action could be performed with a single click.
  2. In technical terms, additional complexity is only adding points of failure as seen with different types of "switch glitches".
  3. Covering your controls with other controls for a different thing is a bad idea. When the switch overlay is up it covers your charge moves.
  4. The switch button is right next to the charge move buttons. When you have two charge moves available to fire the switch button is literally 2mm away from the enlarged charge move button on the right on even a large-ish phone.
  5. In a time sensitive game the user might not have any innate sense of where in the selection tray the needed Pokemon is prior to clicking the switch button leading to accidental clicks or taking longer to choose than necessary as it's all hidden.
  6. There is no indication a selection has worked. The overlay animates off after selection, misclick or otherwise. I have returned to the main battle screen having apparently made a selection and waited in vain for the turn to finish and have the switch go through only for it not to eventuate.
  7. All of these things, combined with either user error, lag, technical faults create a LOT of angst amongst users trying and failing to do something that should be simple.

The solution to all of this is to have the switch options available in the upper left and right corners underneath the information fields that fade or darken out once clicked to show a selection has been made and queued. And would look similar to this mock up from early 2019.

That way they the switch options:

  1. Take a SINGLE CLICK.
  2. Are always visibly present meaning no accidental clicks
  3. Don't cover the actual game controls
  4. Show a specific selection has occurred.
  5. Could use an animation similar to the "filling pie chart" on the current switch button would make the switch timer a lot more visible.
  6. Would create less technical issues and be just a plain better user experience.

There is a reason a car has a steering wheel and an indicator stalk that operate independently of one another but is reachable using the same hand (without being too close).

Go Battle League's current implementation is like having a button on the rim of the steering wheel you can accidentally hit that then locks the steering wheel controls while it opens an indicator display to choose which way to turn but with the "right" and "left" options randomly assigned to the right and left hand sides of the display (because driving provides an innate sense of direction, hiding the Pokemon we need at any one time - which changes based on the opponent's current choice - off screen does not).