Save Our Downtown Parking Lot!

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While the proposed housing development is supported, the location is NOT! This Parking Lot is a well-used parking destination in the core of the downtown Queen St. Business area in Niagara Falls. Removing this Parking Lot in favour of the proposed development will gravely affect surrounding businesses. It is the largest Green P parking lot in the downtown core. We oppose the location of this development in favour of many viable and vacant lots that would be a more feasible option for the City to donate property to this project. There are vacant lots and abandoned buildings that could be torn down to support this project. Building a 300 unit, 10 storey complex in an area that does not have a FULL service grocery store is ludicrous. People who already live downtown have been asking for a grocery store for years as the nearest options are Loccoco's and Shopper's Drug Mart. Both are NOT full service grocery stores. Someone living in an affordable housing unit, likely does not have access to a vehicle and relies on Public Transportation. The nearest Full Service Grocery store is Sobey's and Zehr's (which are pricey), then No Frills or Food Basics.

Above all, please do NOT take something away (the Parking Lot that is relied upon by neighbouring businesses and the Community...especially when there are events downtown) to do something good (provide affordable housing). There IS a way to do this with careful planning and research WITHOUT hurting businesses on Queen St.

As a Single Mother, who lives with my parents ( I cannot afford housing due to my low income), this project is a catch 22 for me. I am terrified to lose the business that I have spent the last 10 years growing in order to provide for my daughter and I.  On the other hand, Niagara Falls has a housing crisis and there is a definite need for affordable housing. 

My business has allowed me to slowly graduate from the lowest income bracket. This business has also allowed me to create an amazing artistic environment where kids come to class every week, therefore bringing more families downtown. There is a little community within the walls of my Studio and the bonds and friendships are lifelong. It is important to me to give back and have the Dancers involved in the Community whenever possible. We are NOT a competition studio, we are a Family/Community Oriented Studio. Please do not take this Community parking lot away. It means a lot for many supporters of Queen St and the continued, but often muted effort to revitalize our downtown.