Object to the proposed changes at Scarborough Hospital

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The review that has been advertised by Scarborough News is a significant public consultation on what we, as Scarborough residents, think about the future models that are proposed for the hospital.
A Private company has come to review just Scarborough Hospital, they are not looking at York Hospital despite them having merged. Yet York based senior personnel are having a say on our future services and what should be reduced here and possibly expanded in York.
Some of the proposals include;
1) reducing or stopping emergency surgery and moving some routine elective surgery elsewhere, likely in York, Hull or James Cook. This means in an emergency travelling far away from loved ones, even having the risk of travelling further in order to see a doctor, on roads that aren't even dual carriageways. Travelling for your pre op assessment, having surgery there and then post op follow up.
2) reducing Obstetric cover, having a midwifery led unit. Therefore ANY complications will be shipped to either York or Hull again, midwives can't control bleeding, do Caesarean sections, even offer alternative pain relief such as an epidural. Imagine travelling in an ambulance or being stuck on the a64 whilst in labour and scared.
3) downgrading accident and emergency to a minor injuries unit. This will be led by Nurse Practitioners. We are a trauma unit as we are so far away from other hospitals. Therefore if we become an MIU we will lose this and our population will be at risk.
4) pushing outpatient appointments into primary care when waiting for a GP appointment is already weeks away. Some GPs are leaving locally due to the pressure and we have very few trainees coming to train in our area.
5) closing the paediatric ward. Our children will be shipped to York, families will be split at times when they need to be together.

Only 65% of Scarborough residents have a car, we are a poor area. We are over 40 miles from any other hospital. York is 20-25 miles from another local hospital and large teaching hospital (Harrogate and Leeds respectively). The number of attendees to A&E in the summer rises by 13.5% according to the stats. We NEED Scarborough Hospital. Otherwise we won't get tourists, we won't get future employees or new businesses setting up.
Please follow the link on this article so you can attend the public consultation and have your say, it may be the only one they have.