Petition update

My son and abuse

Stephen S A M
London, ENG, United Kingdom

Jun 8, 2015 — Hi all a quick update. Can't say much about it. But my son since moving to his new hospital has been one incident that was investigate came to nothing. I was told two stories. I stupidly believed one. Now I doubt it was the real one.

As on Saturday I went to visit my son and he was covered in bruises. Bruises that cannot be explained as self harming, due to where they are, and besides that his self harming is only hitting his head.

He has heamatomas that looked like someone kicked him. It was horrendously shocking for me to see. I took photos. I can't post them yet as things haven't been investigated waiting to hear, did not go to police as courtesy to social worker who is a lovely person, he says procedures need to be followed it, I respect his views, however it's not his son or all the other people involved who has horrendous bruises, my son asked me to take him to toilet, he undressed all down he can't tell me what happened so what I think is its his way of telling me someone hurts him... So I have written emails to NHS to social worker to various other agencies involved to have emergency meeting and get my son out. I can't bear this. It's been 2half years of hell my baby lost two stones he can berally stand up, yes he is happier then he was at St. Andrews, but my horrible experience dealing with this systematic system is that my son and so many other like him, are in grave danger, so I am asking every one please sign this. And help me get the system to change help me by telling governments and social services and housing to help me with a better home and bigger home so I can bring my son home. Please don't let them keep my son another year in that godforsaken hospital or any other treatment facility's. It does not work. This systematic abuse of our most vulnerable most stop. We all , you all have a duty to stop this agency's abuse our vulnerable sons and daughters our elders who are in the system. Please help.

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