NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde: Pay Bank Nursing Staff Their Wages On Time

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Every Friday, lots of nursing staff on the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) Staff Bank are left underpaid, and often, not paid at all. 

Every week thousands of nursing staff work bank shifts in our NHS to deliver a high standard of care for our patients. The staff bank system is a vital lifeline for our NHS because it allows those who are employed to do extra shifts and provides flexible working for those who do bank shifts on a full-time basis. 

The problem is with the payment system. Those who do bank shifts in our NHS are required to have their shifts signed-off by the designated ward staff. This has to be done every Friday by 12pm to ensure payment for the following Friday. 

There has been a constant and persistent problem with this method. Frequently shifts are not being signed-off on time by the designated ward staff. This results in the individual not being paid for the shift the following week. 

This creates financial difficulties and hardships for bank staff as each coming Friday becomes a lottery as to whether you will be sufficiently paid for your previous week's work. The failure on the part of the NHSGGC bank system to ensure staff are paid leaves staff not only underpaid but not paid at all. Staff are unjustly left with financial worries, such as: how are they going to feed their families? How are they going to pay their bills? How are they going to be able to afford to attend work during the following week?

We are calling on NHSGGC to fix this glaring problem in their payment system. The failure of NHSGGC to ensure safeguarding measures in relation to paying its staff is unacceptable, especially during these harsh economic times when many of us are struggling to make ends meet. We cannot wait for payment because our children cannot wait for food.

Either revert to a default method of automatically paying staff who are registered for bank shifts or implement a safeguarding measure to ensure ALL bank staff get paid their full wages on time.