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Expand Funds and services for the mental health services and those who are suffering

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On the 3rd august a 17 year old girl was recently before released from a secure unit and there was no nhs bed for her despite the fact she had attempted to take her life away!
One women after suffering a fight for so many years was on the waiting list and by the time they had actually sent her a letter saying she was near the top of the waiting list in october 2008 she then took her life less than one month later.
A man who suffers from severe anxiety and depression said that leaving the house just to get to his support counselling etc is sometimes unbearable in which then he lost his placement and his help was given to someobody else.
One person actually took their own life in the accident and emergency of a hospital when they were left on their own despite the distressed state that they were in ...
Those are just a few out of numerous people who didn't receive the right help and unfortunately god bless their souls took their own lives, and just those examples were going from 2005 right the way up to august 2017!
In mental health patients who do not fall neatly into certain categories fall in between and do not get the right help and support that they need until they are at risk in which then it's still not guarenteed, I can't sit here and say that they are completely useless but honestly I personally feel like they are right now horrific and embarrassing. It's appalling how many people take their lives on a daily basis, it's appalling how someone who has/is suffering from any mental health issue has built up the courage to tell someone how there truly feeling and then they just get knocked back down, they get told to go home and they'll receive a letter about the waiting list, or they'll be given a list of numbers which just leave them back into square 1. You just think about battling something for years and years feel like you're getting somewhere despite everything that happens then when you feel like the strongest person ever who's getting somewhere you get knocked right back down? I understand there is services like te samaritans, the mix, self injury there are endless amounts but they talk to you about your problems and then in the end give you more numbers or websites and it's as if it's just a distraction of a vicious continuous circle while NHS just keep passing by another suffering patient and another and another... it actually makes me heartbroken to know that people feel so low to have to take their lives away still are getting no help, there is such a long waiting list for anything for the counselling and everything else and I understand things don't just happen at a snap of fingers but there is a point where it just gets out of reach, I also understand that some people feel as if people with mental health problems or who try to attempt/commit suicide are selfish and are too negative but it's harder to think and stay positive when everything inside of you is dragging you down full force, mental health is horrible it's vile and it's traumatising and I'm hoping you reading this right now sees where I am coming from! I don't want to right too many personal things as not a lot of people are Aware of my thoughts but putting that aside for the sake of others suffering I want to be the voice of them, back in 2015 I was in Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham due to an attempt to take my life, not a lot of people know that so even typing that is difficult to do but I was told that I was going to be seen by what's called the raid team I believe, who are a team who offer help for mental health but anyway I were released from hospital and told they would email me within 5 days been as though they didn't see me whilst I was in hospital, 3 weeks have gone by now and I still hadn't received that email! I want to be the voice of the people who are to afraid to speak, the people who are to nervous to get help or are currently waiting for the help in which they need! I personally have decided to start up a petition to get more help and support for everyone who suffers with any type of mental health diagnosis, all it takes is what 2 minutes of your lifetime and honestly if we hit the right amount of signatures everyone who signs will be helping out and I cannot express that into words, wether you're suffering from mental health or you have a close friend or family who does it maybe you just have this subject close to your heart and are willing to help, I'm speaking on behalf of the approximate 450 MILLION people around the world who have some type of mental illness, so please show you're support! There's no money involved it's just a simple few clicks which could later rely on saving many lives! As a young person suffering from mental health issues I want to make the world a better and easier place to live with these diagnosises, thankyou .

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