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Schedule Football Game Between The NFL's Cleveland Browns and NCAA's Alabama Crimson Tide

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It is currently November 21st, 2016, and nearly all of college football regular season games end within a few weeks. This is slightly sooner than NFL games, but unfortunately only a handful of weeks remain in professional regular season games as well. 

Lets take a look at college football. It appears to me that there is quite an even playing field producing several upsets within the AP top 10 weekly. These teams are hashing it out and really putting on a show for us viewers. However,  there is but one team that has dominated their season and has proved to be unstoppable. Their reign of terror is not newly born but has existed for many years prior. They have built what we  football fans would call a Powerhouse. It looks to me as if they are men playing amongst boys. I am of course talking about Alabama Crimson Tide, and unfortunately I am an Auburn fan.

Lets take a look at the next level now. Professional teams are... well... committing more penalties, missing more field goals/extra points than ever and theres 2 hours of commercials every game. It's sort of boring to be honest. I think this is a fair assessment. I mean I still enjoy watching the Steelers play but I hate the extra hours of commercials we pay to watch. Literally pay 100$ a month to be advertised to. Regardless, back on topic, the Cleveland Browns are the worst football team I've seen in a long time. Now i know they have some awesome talent so I'm sort of baffled by their season up until now. Even when the Lions went without a win they didn't look this bad. The Browns are bad and I'm telling you this because the Cowboys have the best record in the NFL. They are led by two fresh out of college rookies having a hand in the majority of their points, Ezekial Elliot and Dak Prescott. 

The one thing on everyone's mind is whether or not Bama could beat the Browns. I think they could. A lot of people seem to think they could. Football is a game of whits. You scheme, plan and adapt. You don't always have the strongest, fastest or biggest players, but you may have a smarter coach or better gameplan. I think the NFL and NCAA should schedule a game between these two teams just to show the value and worth of college footballs athletes. If Bama can beat the Browns, college athletes should be able to sell their own autographs and afford to put ramen noodles in their college cupboards like the rest of us. 

The college football championship game is January 9th. The NFL season ends around the same week so both teams will still be in football condition. We buy jerseys and go to games and students don't see a dime. We are costumers who believe they deserve a shot at earning their freedom to make income because on who they are. Customers are never wrong. Give us Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Cleveland Browns and maybe your NFL rating will stop suffering so poorly. And seriously, you guys gotta put a cap on the commercials. If a player gets hurt, I want to see whats going on, I don't want to hear about the side effects of Viagra. 

If you read all this, youre awesome and please sign the petition!

Thank you!

- Shawn Newpher

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